Saturday 28th May 2022

I’m dragging my heels towards this birthday
Scraping myself along ruined
By an attack of shingles
Pain caused by stress, uncertainty
and a complete lack of self-worth
How do some people believe
In themselves so thoroughly?
My sciatic nerve is shot
Blisters on my buttock
All down my leg
And on the sole of my left foot
Causing a lack of anything remotely positive
I’ve not been looking forward to this
I cannot believe I’m seventy
It’s got to be a mistake
And now a cold has put the boot in
It’s been lying in wait
Just there lurking
O yes hello welcome to my party
I’m causing myself anxiety
I’ve never believed in me
All the struggles of seven decades
Has revealed itself now
In blistering display of anguish
Well done you

Bish 29/05/2022

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