Monday 25th July 2022

Mr Cross

Cooing out around the world
Are you ready for food to eat?
For mornings here and the time is right
For feeding and it’s neat
There’ll be feathers flaying
And white bread sailing
And we can dance upon the roof
Oh it doesn’t matter what you are
Just as long as you are there
Crow, jackdaw, Pigeon or dove
The time is right for the food of love
And we’ll be dancing
Dancing on the roof
Yes we’ll be dancing
Dancing on the roof

John Bish July 1st 2021

King Kong has returned

King Kong has returned
He is a bit taller than when he left
But what’s 3 feet between old friends
I guess after 50 years that’s nothing
But its meters now not feet
I’m going to town to see him
I’m going tomorrow
On the train
It’s says expect rain
I don’t care
Maybe it’s King Clone
But I will happy to just to
See him standing there

Bish 25th July 2022

A seven-metre tall King Kong sculpture has arrived in Birmingham for the first time in 50 years, ahead of the Commonwealth Games.
The King Kong statue famously stood next to Birmingham’s Bull Ring shopping centre in the 1970s.
Back then, the original statue stood at six metres tall, now King Kong will loom over the city at seven metres tall.
Original sculptor Nicholas Monro and his family gave their blessing for the sculpture to be recreated and returned to Birmingham.
The new and improved King Kong is located in a pop-up park – King Kong Park at Great Hampton Row near the Jewellery Quarter – which has been created to celebrate the Commonwealth Games.
“For those of us that remember the original Kong, it’s time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his first visit to the city.

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