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Friday 18th November 2022

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There is always someone somewhere. My Land My road mine mine mine mine mine. Really it makes me sick to the soul. Walking in the middle of nowhere breathing air my grandfather and father fought for.. Doing no harm just alone with the dog walking. . Up pops a diesel guzzling driver and his tiny friend. My land my road mine mine mine mine. I’m really sick of this country,

I really lost it with this man and woman I have just had enough of being bossed around. I swore a lot I regret that now but it was pure frustration.

Miss Rothschild

Poets are often lost
Lost in thought
Lost in dreams
Lost in the moment
Lost in heartache
But often they are lost
After death
Their books gather dust
Damp and mould
A wife may burn them
A lover may bury them
With his true love
Only to return
To dig them up later
But Miss Rothschild
Her ashes were lost
Famous in her day
For many things
When she passed her ashes
Were lost Misplaced Forgotten
Left unclaimed
At the crematorium
Then in a filing cabinet
All in all for twenty one years
Her childhood home
Is now a vape store
Does this say anything about fame?
Or even fortune
Miss Rothschild
A star was born
But like many poets
Your name will be hidden by smoke
Cloaked in shadows
Lost in the vapour of time

Bish 18th November 2022

Dorothy Parker 1893 –1967

Laid to rest on August 22, 2020