Monday June 29th 2009. HOT!

Well we went on the train with Lily and Old Fart to see Nosher in his new flat.

Uppy and Lily on the train.

Stu how he now likes to be called (maybe he has changed his identity too!) Stu has moved yet again! We are in quite a tizz as to where and who he is living with. Birmingham, Bristol,  Birmingham,Milton Keynes,  London, Wapping, Hackney……He has moved more times than anyone else we know.

Garden in Hackney.

It was so HOT! in Hackney it must be in the south somewhere. Then around lunch time there was a hail storm. The hail stones were bouncing off Stu’s head. Old Fart made a Pratt of himself and wore a flower pot because he thought that the hail might return.


Lily was getting over excited in the market and was looking for a herb plant and some curtains. One lady in Hackney though that Lily was a taxi driver and asked her if her meter was still running?

Lily on the road.

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