Tuesday September 21st 2010

Well we went with OLD FART to re visit Oxford and The Mouldy Buns.

IF YOU WANT YOUR BADGES send us a mail. uppyalf@uppyalf.co.uk

Of course we had a fab time as usual but he is really OLD FART is getting too old for all this Rock n Roll.

This is Tony Brown and Jules. Not the Jules we know from old. The picture below is the Jules we know from old. ALf is covering his eyes and I am trying to escape.

All in all we had a Rocking Time with those Old Buns and OLDE Custard Head is still the MAN!

We met some old friends and a couple of new ones.

Evie Holland Jules daughter.

One Response to “Tuesday September 21st 2010”

  1. ‘Some of us couldn’t remember’ eh? Some of us are doing well to be able to put one foot in front of the other, never mind use our memories!

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