Monday 27th December 2010

Snow still here but looks like it is thawing.

Kip Drordy South Park Episode.

Kyle, Cartman and Kenny surprise Stan by creating a Facebook account for him. Stan protests, not wanting to get “sucked into” Facebook, but is quickly pressured by family and friends to add them as friends.

To his annoyance and frustration he finds people such as his father, grandmother and even his girlfriend confronting him over his supposed disregard for them and judging his real-world friendship solely by his Facebook configuration. Meanwhile Kyle adds shy nerdy student Kip Drordy to his thriving friends list out of pity, the latter becoming ecstatic and over-enthused, taking his computer to movies and spending time on Kyle’s Farm Town farm. His parents, unaware of his use of the term “friend”, understand Kyle to literally live on a farm.

Kyle’s number of Facebook friends rapidly declines when he does this, in part due to a Mad Friends podcast he finds Cartman has set up in which he berates Kyle for choosing a loser as a friend and asserts that nobody will want anything to do with Kyle due to having such a loser for a friend. Kyle understands but, on principle and out of pity, cannot bring himself to delete Kip to please others. Desperate to stem the loss of friends, he asks Cartman for advice. Cartman introduces Kyle to ChatRoulette as a way to make new friends, but all Kyle finds are men masturbating on webcam, although Cartman finally finds another Jewish kid who can be Kyle’s friend, much to Kyle’s delight. Meanwhile Stan now has almost a million friends on his account and has decided to commit “online suicide” by deleting his account only to find Facebook refuses to allow him to. Instead of deleting his account, he is forcibly transported by the software into the virtual world of Facebook, where he meets “profiles” of everyone he knows, who communicate in Facebook lingo, and is forced to engage in Facebook activities such as Yahtzee, a game which Stan does not enjoy despite being particularly good at it. He escapes and finds his way to Kyle’s farm, blaming Kyle for getting him “sucked into” Facebook in the first place. On Stan’s insistence, Kyle checks out his profile status, finding out that he is supposedly hosting a party elsewhere in Facebook at Café World. There Stan discovers that his profile has taken on a life of its own and rebelled against him. He encounters his online profile that has the form of a huge monstrous version of himself at the party. It challenges him to a game of Yahtzee. Stan defeats it at Yahtzee, again on the first roll, causing the profile to be finally deleted. The victory returns him to the real world once more.

Kyle makes it to Stan’s party, only to find his new Jewish friend he and Cartman met on Chatroulette has refused to be his friend because of Kip, even though he lives in New York City and has never met him nor heard of him. Desperate to retain some friends, Kyle finally deletes Kip, leaving him with no friends. Kip, too, is disheartened to find his friend has abandoned him, but is overjoyed finally to discover that the 845,000+ friends Stan had prior to deletion have all been transferred to his account as friends.

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