Saturday 17th December 2011

ALf left the planet Earth yesterday and returned in a flash sporting a new hair cut?

I was surprised not so much by the Barnet but he brought me a present it was a badge with a dreaded Dalek image.

He told me although the Dalek race is indeed the most dreadful destructive race in the entire known and unknown universal system czondorminatin, these badges have become quite fashionable?

I appear to be a giving out mixed messages WAR IS OVER alongside the image of a Dalek!

ALf told me he had called in briefly to Skaro on his trip back home and purloined the badge at the landing area.


Skaro is a planet of roughly the same mass and dimensions as Earth, and the twelfth planet from its sun. It has a single continent that is divided into east and west halves of almost equal size. Skaro is situated in the “Seventh Galaxy”, and Skaro’s astronomers can identify only seven such stellar formations. This may indicate that Skaro’s galaxy or local group of galaxies is distant from other galaxies or local groups, that Kaled technology was insufficient to detect other galaxies or local groups beyond their vicinity, or that there is a barrier of interstellar gas and debris that occludes other spatial areas from Skaro’s scrutiny.

3 Responses to “Saturday 17th December 2011”

  1. Alf sure gets around. War is over Alf if you want it……. stay here on earth a few million light years more if it still exists by then….xx

  2. Oh and by the way, Alf luv, Dig your new hair cut? lol

  3. Nadezhda Stanimirova Says:

    Love Alf’s new haircut and well done on acquiring the Dalek badge. I had no idea he knew the way to Skaro. Has he ever met the Doctor on one of his space journeys?

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