Tuesday 17th August 2021

I’m Dreading The Night

You have had your time
Someone said to me yesterday
But what have I done?
I guess not much
But I had a son
He has my name
He’s twice divorced
Am I to blame?
He has two sons
To carry him on
My time is done
But I see neighbours
Twenty years plus time
They have over me
Heroes every one
But what’s my purpose?
Is my purpose done too?
March on
March on
Pain, pain, pain
Sleep is difficult
The first hour awake
Pain, pain, pain
I’m so unsure
My time is done
Yet I am still here
I have no choice
But the pain the pain
It denotes me
It controls me
It rules my night
It plagues my day
Dreams are dashed
Now the pain in my head returns
My time is done
My time is done

I’m dreading the night
The pain and the waking
The heavy heart
The loneliness
The sad weight
Come morning
Come and let me have slept deep
And softly
With no pain

John Bish 17th August 2021

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