Friday 23rd September 2022

The Young Girl with the Baby

At the doctor’s
The young girl
Carried a baby
All looked pleasant
The father an older black man
Appeared attentive
But he left them alone
She was very young
Feeding the baby from a bottle
All the time she acted like
A nervous frightened child
Looking every few moments
Over her shoulder
Towards the doors
But he never came back
She repeated this movement
Over and over
But he never came back
I felt so sad for her
When I left she was still
The scared child
He was sat in his car
On his phone
When I looked at him
I thought he looked
Guilty of something
As he eyed me several times
I drove away feeling
So sad for the girl
With the baby
So frightened
So fearful
So anxious

Bish 23rd September 2022

It is what it is

Out in the street
On a wall
He cracked the top
Off his beer bottle
And walked away
Traffic lights on red
On a wall
She watched images
Checking her phone
Displaying her gallery
Of self-inflicted pain
It is what it is
It’s a service
Nothing more
Traffic lights on green
He took one
Last lingering look
And walked away

Bish September 23rd 2022

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