Sunday 10th August 2014

We have been very busy over the past few weeks visiting London three times since our trip to number 10.

We had a BBQ at Compton Verney.

We went to see Ozzie and Motorhead and then went with Compton Verney to Tate Britain and then the next day we went to visit Nosher and Turnip.

Old Fart got a picture of us drawn on his arm..Is he crazy?

While with Nosher we went to see Victor The Rain Dog and his froggy Italian friends.

We went to see some dead people who were still camping in their tent after more than a hundred years!

Also we just got back from a weekend at the Cropredy festival where we met many many new friends including Elly from a band called Kiss the Mistress who very much liked us and drew us twice.



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